B-GRADE - Fursona Pins #148 - Saishiki (Further Confusion 2019 Sponsor Pin)

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This listing is for B-Grade pins, meaning that there may be some minor blemishes or specs in the enamel, or a small fill-area with the wrong enamel color. These flaws are minimal and you need to look to really see them. 

This is a cloisonné-type (hard enamel) pin, produced by Fursona Pins. It it brushed black metal and approximately 1.5" / 30mm in size, polished to a glossy finish. Each has two butterfly clutches to keep the pin properly aligned when worn.

Saishiki was the Further Confusion 2019 Pin Trading Meetup Sponsor Pin, and is ID number 148. He is owned by a friend and we are coordinating pin sales. Saishiki would love to be a colorful adornment to your jacket or bag! He comes with a custom backing card with his Fursona Pins information. 

Pin design created by Kiwibon. For more about Fursona Pins please see their website.

Shipping of up to 5 pins is only $4 within the US and $15 internationally.